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Kate always believed in my abilities, whether that be academically, personally or sailing on a tall ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. She has made a dramatic difference in my life, guiding me to make optimal decisions with regards to my academic choices. As a result, I was able to attend my university of choice and graduate with Honours. She takes the time to really listen and then give valuable and sound advice. Kate still connects with me and is always willing to help. She is a natural leader with excellent skills in communication, education and direction. I am excited that Kate is consulting as this is her expertise and she will never disappoint!
~ Chelsea (Human Resource professional)

Kate has a way of understanding people. She is able to pick up on a student’s strength she may not have known existed, or didn’t know how to put into practice in her life. She then has a remarkable way of helping her students develop their individual strengths and bring them forward into their daily lives to achieve success. Kate is incredibly conscientious and focused on her clients. She becomes invested in their success and stays that way, even after their time in the classroom or work with her is done. Kate has always been an amazing mentor to me; it has been nearly 10 years now since Kate and I met and I still turn to her intelligence, objectivity, and knowledge for advice when it comes to my own personal and professional development. Kate has been very helpful and instrumental to me as I have worked to choose my career and educational path beyond high school and university, from a practical standpoint (what paths to take and educational requirements) but also very much on a personal and emotional level by deciphering what exactly it was I wanted to do with my life. Kate not only offers many years of experience working in unique and dynamic educational settings, but also a natural talent for inspiring and educating others. I consider myself, and anyone who has the opportunity to know Kate, a very lucky individual. ~ Jane (BA, current BSW candidate)

Making decisions is a daunting feat for a young adolescent. What path to take, the daunting course load and having goals that lead to a fulfilling career are not easy considerations. Kate helped me make sense of my options and discover where my true strengths lie. Her warm personality in conjunction with her dedication and care for each individual student is remarkable. Kate offered one-on-one mentorship for secondary and post-secondary course selection, sharing her expertise of the myriad details of university applications and guiding me through an educational path that has lead into my dream career. Making good choices in my life has always been something I hold closely to my character. I credit Kate with helping build my confidence into the person I am today. I strongly recommend Kate; she will provide you with the necessary tools and skills set to become a calibre of person that you never thought you were capable of being. ~ Graham S. (professional mariner)

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